Should I or Shouldn’t I

So your probably wondering what I mean “Should I or Shouldn’t I”

Well I love working with computers and have been using computers for over 12 years now and so have grown accustom to them and how they operate and work

I have been thinking about going on to doing my Cert 3 and Cert 4 in Information Technology and well you likely can tell it’s one of these things you really have to think about like what Uni or Tafe to attend and make sure you have the money or able to get HEX or other types of Help.

I am really wanting to do this but unsure on how I am going to go about doing this as I have never done Uni or Tafe etc before so it’s a little daunting as to it coming to work the way I hope it would.

Anyone got any words of wisdom or something to that kinda thing what is the best thing to do and to get started?

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