Photography Page

Recently I got myself a very nice and Compact Digital Camera as I love to take photos now and then so I got myself a Nikon CoolPix S9100 which has been a great camera to use so far..

I have been experimenting heaps since I had the camera and when I have some spare time.

I am still getting use to the camera and so some shots are great some not so much lol.

You can take a look at what has been taken and well the ones I have wanted to upload lol.. by going to the Photography Page or if you hover over Photography you will see “Camera Info”, “iPhone Gallery” and “Nikon Gallery” choose one and find out what has been happening.

I am still taking photos to add the gallery as time goes by and so I hope to have heaps of pictures up there.

I am hoping one day to get myself a nice Digital SLR camera in the near future or when I can afford it lol.

All in all I am very happy with the camera I have worth every cent spent on it.