Life Lesson (For Me)


I have had my Heart trampled on and stabbed and treated like crap and I have just had a guy full of it all.

The entire experience has hurt me for life and every time I go to put my heart on the life I either get hurt or as half the time I get Ignored and treated like I don’t exist.

I have had enough of getting hurt and having my heart stomped on and so I refuse to put my heart out there on the line again because I know I will only get hurt again and again and again.

So the life lesson is never put my heart on the line again so I can’t get hurt!

No Post In Ages

Wow it has been a long time since I posted a new Blog Entry well since February this which is way too long…

I have been so busy with my job that I have neglected my Blog which is a shame but it happens when you work like crazy and have no time to blog at times.

Anyway I recently started to get into Photography a lot more of late and so have spent hours of a night time taking heaps of pictures of all sorts of things and I am rough yes but we all were when we started out!

Take a look at my Photo Blog and let me know what you think 🙂