Nose Operation

In recent times I had been having issues with breathing through my nose and so I went and seen my local GP who told me I have polyps which are growths inside the hassle passage or passages which can cause a lot of problems if left unchecked.

Upon getting a CT Scan done it revealed a lot more to everything that was going on so I was booked in for Surgery yesterday morning to have them removed and to what I thought was my right nostril was worse but come to be my left nostril was the worst.

I had two drips in my arm when I come to it and I am guessing that the 2nd one was for a transfusion or blood due to some blood loss during the operation etc.


I didn’t notice the 2nd needle in my arm till I was almost fully wide eyed and thought what the heck is this all about and it would have to be for blood transfusion due to amount of blood I would have lost for the removal of the polyps I could be wrong.

I had a picture of the after math of the surgery but it’s a little gory and won’t show it lol.

All in All the operation was completed successfully without problems and I am now in the process of recovery and the annoying part is 2 lots of tables 1 nose spray and 1 nose wash I have to use sheesh talk about crazy.

If you have troubles breathing do make an appointment with your local GP or Doctor and see what it could it might be polyps and if left treated can cause major problems down the track.

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