Long Time No Post

Well it has been ages months actually since I had posted anything…

Life has been moving rather rapidly in the past few months with my new job so things have been a little crazy with work etc getting to know how the company works in the mean time it’s been getting to understand a lot of the back end of the maintenance website etc so yea that is half the reason why i haven’t been posting anything.

I have a new Computer not the Desktop the “Ultra Book” which as you should know by now much much smaller and lighter then Laptops or Notebooks as some people say lol.

I have the Asus Zenbook 13.3″ core i5 version and it’s a great piece of the Machinery it’s fast and light it has everything I need the only down side is that the HDD is only a 120GB SSD which is not that big but it handles everything that I need it to do..

Other then that not much else has been happening of late hence why I haven’t been posting of late but meh lol.

That’s about it for now lol… Moving along.

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