Golden Years (Of Technology) lol

Was kinda bored so I decided to rummage through some oooooooooold photos and other odd stuff I haven’t looked at in years and come across my computers hardware that I use to run donkeys years ago lol so here they are lol the specs of one of my very first machines haha lol…

Case: Standard AOpen
PSU: Codegen 300Watt
CPU: Intel Celeron 900Mhz
RAM: 640MB – 64MB Shared
Video: SiS 630ET (Onboard)
HD1: Seagate 120Gig ATA100 8MB Cache
HD2: Seagate 40Gig ATA100 2MB Cache
DVD-Rom: Pioneer 16x
CD-RW: LiteOn 52x24x52
Printer: Canon S100SP Bubble Jet

I still remember the old beast hahaha lol mean this is going back so far haha the memories lol

Photo’s anyone I have them right here haha lol


I worked for Big Brother when it first come out hence the Big Brother armband stuck to the front of the case lol.

PC_Inside PC_Screen_Etc

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