Getting Fit

Recently I had come across an App for the iPhone called RunKeeper it’s a great App that tracks your distance Walked, Run, Skied and heaps more and helps you to keep track on just how well you are going.

You can set a time limit for how far you want to get and it will update you every 5 minutes on your way to getting there which is great to help motivate you to move it so to speak lol.

I just recently started walking on the beach of a morning and found it to be a great walk as it opened up my nose which I have had issues with lately and since then have gone two more times and it’s been great fun.

Today I walked a total of 5.64KM today which is the longest walk I have ever done in years lol which is a big thing for me especially since I’m not really a beach person but the motivation to get fit and just enjoy a morning walk really helps to clear the mind and get fit :).

I am motivated every morning (bar 1 lol) to get up and go for a walk before going to work and today was a big lol that longest I have walked in a long time.

Get into RunKeeper and have some fun keep track of your progress and how much you need to aim for to get to where you want to go. It’s both fun and exciting.

If you live in the Surfers Paradise area add me to your Street Team and maybe we can get a team together and have a great time getting exercise together.

Visit my Profile for more activities Ive done and get active this summer 🙂

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