CoolerMaster HAF 932 Mod

I picked up a CoolerMaster HAF 932 a while back and so I decided to do some modding to the case.

I started with the Front Grill that hid the 220mm fan that cools the 500GB HDD also drawing I cool air.

The original colour is Black and it was kind of boring for me even though it site under my desk I sometimes go to LAN Parties for games etc and so I changed the colour to Red.

The tools I used is a Ozito Dremel a very handy tool for doing things like this a grinding stone and a small round Sand paper to clean it right up.

I also picked up some Primer and Red Paint.

Once the Black original paint was removed and sanded back to the original metal finish I sprayed it with the primer leaving that for the day I went back to it and sprayed it with the red paint and I am very happy with the look.


This is the finished product


So adding to all this I decided to also paint the Front Drive Grills also to give it that over all great look 😀


The Front Drive Grills are setting at the moment and will be painting them real soon.

Here are the painted Drive Grills


Update: I have done the Front Drive Bay Grills and the entire look is just insanely cool.

I forgot that there is some black side grill that I still need to do which is on my list.

Anyway here is the New Look


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