Computer MOD At 70%

Recently my aging Antec Nine Hundred Gamers Case had gone through the rusted look due to the dust flying about :(.

So I picked up a Dremel and gave all the Front Grills a good old grinding back to the bare metal like it was just manufactured right off the assembly line and so they have now changed colour 😀 picture below shows you what changed 😀 and if you know this case you know what I mean lol.

So next was the Fan Grill at the top when looking closer at the underbelly of this one MAN! talk about RUST! it took me a good 2hrs t painstakingly grind this one down as the grill was massive! take a look 😀

Next on the list was the back grill as it was extremely rusted through inside the case and outside 🙁 so I cut the entire thing out and once the U-Channel stuff arrived I can make it look all perty lol.

So you will notice that there is a nice big hole which I intend on fixing when the new fan grill arrives along with the U-Channel molding so yea it’s a waiting game now 🙁

Next on the list of things changed is the Side Panel which has the window now this has also changed with the theme I was going for 😀

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