Earthquake Hit When On Holiday


Come here to the Philippines to enjoy a Holiday and staying at the Hotel we come down for breakfast.

After about 10-15 minutes the entire Hotel started to shake like crazy so we all ran out the door into the street and 30 seconds later after that it had stopped everyone almost outside but people were shaking and scared from what happened one poor girl was in the shower when it hit.

I have uploaded some photos to my Facebook you might have to be signed in to see them but yea it’s crazy.

Bohol in the Philippines was where it was hit the worst which isn’t good from what I am hearing a house collapsed and killed everyone inside which is sad to hear 🙁

Life Lesson (For Me)


I have had my Heart trampled on and stabbed and treated like crap and I have just had a guy full of it all.

The entire experience has hurt me for life and every time I go to put my heart on the life I either get hurt or as half the time I get Ignored and treated like I don’t exist.

I have had enough of getting hurt and having my heart stomped on and so I refuse to put my heart out there on the line again because I know I will only get hurt again and again and again.

So the life lesson is never put my heart on the line again so I can’t get hurt!

No Post In Ages

Wow it has been a long time since I posted a new Blog Entry well since February this which is way too long…

I have been so busy with my job that I have neglected my Blog which is a shame but it happens when you work like crazy and have no time to blog at times.

Anyway I recently started to get into Photography a lot more of late and so have spent hours of a night time taking heaps of pictures of all sorts of things and I am rough yes but we all were when we started out!

Take a look at my Photo Blog and let me know what you think 🙂

New Fishy Friend

Recently my almost 2 and a Half year old Oscar passed away he was very ill and while I tried my every effort to get him back up and going again it all failed 🙁 so sadly 2 days ago he passed away during the night.

This was a very sad day for me and he/she (who knows these days!) no longer with me is no longer suffering which is good because it wasn’t good.

What they had was called Dropsy which is a condition that can be fatal even with treatment which he was undergoing at the time it didn’t work and so he passed away.

I am happy that it’s over because it was very sad to see what was happening.

I have since picked up a Baby Red Oscar (same as before) and he/she is happily swimming around (while I am away because of it’s new environment) and this will happen for a day or two but should be fine soon after.

The fish tank was scrubbed clean water changed and left to run through the tank for a day to allow things to settle in.

There is the Oscar and 2 Albino Sucking Catfish which help to keep the Algae at bay which is good as it keeps the tank cleaner and healthier for the fish.

So to end this post i am much happier that I have a new Oscar but the one guy won’t be forgotten 🙂

New Years Resolution

So everyone well ok maybe not everyone has New Years Resolutions and so I have been thinking lately about things and what I feel I need to work on in 2013… So here they come lol..

  1. Losing weight by riding my pushbike that I spent $500 on well got a deal kind of lol. Bike + Helmet + Water Bottle Holder for $500 all up which was great.

  2. Stop eating so much crap like junk good and the likes of crap like that.

  3. Try and grow my small PC Business as I am needing some more work due to the work I have now is a little on edge so to speak so yea.

With my Bike Riding I decided on getting myself some Water Hydration Backpacks that are basically like your Water Bottles but much larger and this is a great idea for when going on longer then usual bike rides.

I ended up getting two of the Water Hydration Backpacks and they were pretty good cheap and well yea I got the two so if someone else comes out riding with me they can use one while I use the other. Continue reading