iPhone iOS 4 Due Soon

It’s only a couple of hours away until we can finally upgrade to the iOS 4 for the iPhone and iPod which is free and so it should be..

Keep your eye out because it’s going to be an interesting couple of days when multiple millions of people try to download the new OS Upgrade and the I hope that the Apple Servers are able to keep up with the demand that is going to be put on the servers and no issues.

I know myself personally can’t wait to this update to become available but the wait for the download to occur is going to be most fun not lol..

I’m thinking that the update will be available in certain regions like the US and overseas were as the Australian people have to wait for it to become available like we have to wait for the iPhone 4 to hit Australia just as it took a while for the iPhone 3GS to arrive how is it that we are left out for so long.

Anyway not long now I can’t wait to give the new iOS 4 a run

iPhone iOS 4

According to iphonehacks.com the new iOS 4 will be available for download on the 21st June 2010 and from what I have seen and what is going to be on this new OS I can’t wait to try it out.

Here are some sweet additions to the update that are coming out these are my favs..


iPhone users will finally be able to run iPhone apps in the background. To achieve this Apple will be offering developers seven multitasking services, which will allow their iPhone app to run in the background while preserving performance and battery life.


Users will be able to organize iPhone apps on their iPhone home screen into folders. Users will be able to drag and drop apps into folders.

This means iPhone users will be able to install 2160 apps instead of the current limit of 180 iPhone apps.

Better Mail app:

You will now be able to see messages from multiple email accounts in a unified inbox. iPhone OS 4.0 will also allow you to organize messages by threads, and even be able to open attachments in third-party iPhone apps.


iBooks app will be available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch users so they will be able to browse, buy, and read ebooks.

Cellular Data Toggling: You have an option to toggle cellular data on or off. (i think this one will be most interesting to see if it will be available in Australia aswell)

iPhoto Syncing: iPhoto users can sync their photos to the iPhone via Events, Faces and Places. This will work for the iPad too.

Lyrics Data Toggling: A new global toggling option gives you the ability to turn the display of lyrics on or off.

Photo Resize Option: Users sending large-size image files via email can choose to resize the photo on the go by selecting from the four different file size options.

Add Playlist: The current on-the-go playlists will be replaced by the ‘Add Playlist’ option in iPhone OS 4 that will be automatically synced back to the users’ iTunes account.

Location Services For Apps: You can enable or disable location services for each location based apps via Settings -> Location Services. Also, you also get visibility on the apps that have most recently accessed this information using the compass arrow icon.

Email Threading: You can organize emails by thread in the Mail app just like in Gmail. Email threading option can be turned on or off via Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar and turn on or off the ‘Organize By Thread’ toggle.

Longer Passcodes: Passcodes will no longer be limited to just 4 numbers. You can set a more secure alphanumeric and longer passcode for your iPhone. You can currently use the iPhone Configuration utility to achieve this.

You can read what other features will be available when the new iOS is release by visiting iphonehacks.com


Glympse is a “FREE” App for the Apple iPhone, Android Phones and Windows Mobile.

It enables you to send your “Location” to Friends and Family so that they can see how far away you are form the Shops, Home, Friends place etc with a time limit so you can time each truip so when the timer is up your location is no longer broadcasting.

It is like Google Latitude however more controllable by the user allowing them to only “Email” or “SMS” there location and so if you don’t have a Phone capable of running Glympse you can view it live in the Web Browser as it is both Phone and PC based so you can view it anytime as long as the link is still active.

Here is a Video that shows you how it all works.

It’s a great to show your family who are waiting for you to arrive home to showing friends how far away you are from there place

It’s “Free” it’s “Simple” it’s a fun way to show people where you are.