What Grinds My Gears

Here are a few things that send me crazy and this is freedom of speech and so here ya go

1. Julia Gillard is like every other Member of Parliament slash Leader of Australia have given the same BS when they come into office especially Gillard who was sworn in ILLEGALLY! then lies her face off just like John Howard both of which have given the line “This won’t happen when I’m in office”. John Howard brought the GST into Australia just because New Zealand has it doesn’t mean Australia has to have it. Then there is Julia Gillard who said “The carbon tax will never come into Australia when I’m in office” (not those exact words) which was total and utter BS! just like John Howard she has really screwed over the Australian people which really pisses me off. Seriously Gillard needs to pulled out off office and smacked around the head! How I see it because of the Australian Government we are in so much debt because of them and we the Australia People are paying dearly and heavily for it.. Our Assets were sold off by other one of these members in Parliament and that shows me that the Australian Government is screwing us over royally because of “There” screw ups and stuff ups it also goes to show how much they want to fill there own pockets with Tax Payers money how about they live like us for a year and see how they like being screwed over and live on next to nothing. Continue reading