Quadlock Phone Case

If you are looking for a protective case with heaps of options like me you will love the Quadlock Case for your Phone.

I am someone who likes to make sure that his phone is Secure and Safe. The one thing I really like is that the inside is lined with felt so it’s not so harsh on the back of your phone like some cases are.

Quadlock Case is one such product that does just that and so much more.

With the Quadlock Case not only is your Phone Protected very well you have so many different mounting options available as well. And the best thing about it is that you don’t have to change cases to use each mount it’s Universal!!! meaning it works with all the mounting hardware with the one case :). Continue reading

iOS 5 Beta 3 (Beta 2) Features

I have been following very closely with what has been added into iOS 5 Beta 1, 2 & 3 releases and have to say I am very impressed with some of the awesome updates that have come out so far.

Over at Cult Of Mac they have posted some updates as to what has been going on in all the iOS 5 Beta’s when they have been released. Continue reading

iOS 5 Beta 2 and Windows 7 Glitch?

We all know that Apple is bring out iOS 5 very soon (No i don’t know the date) however it is still in Beta stage (Beta 2) and I have to admit I am loving iOS 5 Beta 2 it really gives you a good look into what Apple has been working on for the past couple of months I am really impressed with some awesome implementations that have been added. Continue reading