Insides of a 80GB HD

Ok so I got a little bored and my sever’s 80GB HDD decided it wanted to fail on me hence probably why it was shutting down on it’s own accord and not wanting to turn on again.

Here are some picture of the internals of the HD.

I have to admit I was expecting maybe a little more then what I have seen lol.

Air Mouse for iPhone

Recently well at best a week ago I come across an awesome App for the iPhone the Air Mouse.

Air Mouse is not like any other iPhone App that lets you control the PC from the Lounge (If you have a Home Theater PC setup) so no having to get up all the time to get things going.

I use it on my Home PC and Work Mac’s and it has been working flawlessly from the get go little to no lag at all as it uses Wireless but has had maybe 2 little hiccups but that is to be expected.

The app can be bought on iTunes for $2.49 Australian or something like $1.99 American or something like that I don’t know how much American but I feel ripped off lol

Also you will need to download the Air Mouse Server software for either Windows or MAC

Anyway here are some Snapshots of the App.

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Not Happy! Apple

AppleRight now I am extremely ticked off with Apple… Just synced my iPhone to find it REMOVE! MY APPS! all because of this “Authorization” rubbish…

Not I can’t use any of my apps because “My computer isn’t Authorization” what a load of RUBBISH! how can a computer become Authorization from installing an Operating¬†¬† System this is rediculous…

This whole “You need to authorize your computer” to be able to do anything and that’s with the Songs and Apps I PAID FOR! it’s a complete joke…

I am so over there rubbish I mean seriously come on I paid for these things I have the right to use them even if my computer has a new operating system installed…

One more reason Apple are a joke!

Ok now that frustration and anger are out there.. Now I have to email this lot and try to fix an issue I shouldn’t have to put up with…

Oh and another thing one of my accounts that I used before setting up another account has been deleted meaning the Apps I BOUGHT! no longer are registered so now that means I have to pay for them AGAIN! not IMPRESSED!

My Office

This is my awesome office setup at Church :)…

Mac has issues lol which is no suprise running old Tiger Mac OSX grrr has had a load of hickups lately very annoying.

Got to love when things work then decide to start playing hissy fits lol.

Macs are suppose to be better then PC’s yet this mac has issues.

It’s a Duo Core XEON with 2GB ram mmmm Intel.

Time for bed now lol early start for Indy

New Edition To PC Family

HaHa yes funny title i know i had to think of something and that is what poped into me head.

Today i picked up a Antec Nine Hundred Gamers Case as my old one was well pretty much dead and so upgrading was in some was needed and so yea…

Here is a picture only took me 20 minutes to transfer the internals into this one lol..

The good thing i like about the PC Case is that it has ties basically so you can make all the cables nice and tidy to get better air flow.

Antec 900 Gamers Case

Antec 900 Gamers Case