Network Re-Patching

So while everyone was away on Holiday’s it gave me a big chance to re-patch the network as you will see below it was A BIG MESS!!

It has taken me about hmmm 2 hours to complete this job and what a challenge it was lol fitting the 2 ADSL and 2 Switches in and making sure I could close the door lol but I did it and I’m very happy with the results.

I have also come to find there is about 7 connections not even being used but then again some ports aren’t being utilized as yet but I am sure they will when everyone gets back into the office next week.

Enjoy the photo’s lol…

Air Mouse for iPhone

Recently well at best a week ago I come across an awesome App for the iPhone the Air Mouse.

Air Mouse is not like any other iPhone App that lets you control the PC from the Lounge (If you have a Home Theater PC setup) so no having to get up all the time to get things going.

I use it on my Home PC and Work Mac’s and it has been working flawlessly from the get go little to no lag at all as it uses Wireless but has had maybe 2 little hiccups but that is to be expected.

The app can be bought on iTunes for $2.49 Australian or something like $1.99 American or something like that I don’t know how much American but I feel ripped off lol

Also you will need to download the Air Mouse Server software for either Windows or MAC

Anyway here are some Snapshots of the App.

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